How to capture the perfect Enlighten Festival photo

Want to capture the perfect Enlighten Festival photo? Canon Collective’s Scott Stramyk provides his tips on how to get a great shot during the Illuminations (1-11 March 2019).

Tip one

Use a tripod to keep your camera stable (remember if you have a stabilised lens, make sure you turn the stabiliser off when shooting on a tripod). This will allow you to take longer exposures and capture more light. Use a shutter speed of one second or shorter as any longer and the projections on the buildings will blur.

Tip two

Shoot wide to fit the building in and think about your angles as the composition is key. You can add interest to your composition by finding water and using it to create a reflection.

Tip three

Focus on the details. There are plenty of exciting lights and objects all around the Enlighten Festival. If one building is too crowded, go and photograph something smaller and more interesting.

Tip four

Use the lighting on all the projections to help you capture the fun and exciting portraits. Get your friends to model for you and angle them so the light looks best.


Have fun with the Enlighten Festival and capture the essence of the festivities with light!

Share your photos with us by using the #EnlightenCanberra hashtag.

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